Seasonal Photographs Sent By Our Visitors

Autumn has blessed us with some breathtaking views this month. Our visitors have been sending us their wonderful photos taken during farm walks and from their vans. We have shared some of our favourites below:

Please feel free to send your photographs to to get them featured!

The Livestock

The farm seems to come to life during November, as the autumnal colours are at their most vibrant and we begin providing the livestock with additional food.

This week our horses have come into the barn to be stabled each night, and they will stay in overnight until early April 2018. The sheep are also being given extra energy to support them and maintain their condition over the winter months.

Our young sheepdog Finn is continuing his training over the winter, and we hope that by late next year he will be a highly capable at helping Rob gather the flock!

Christmas Shopping

While the park usually becomes quieter during November, it is noteworthy that Leamington Spa offers an excellent Christmas shopping opportunity.

Major high street brands, unique cafes and wonderful lights make the Christmas shop most pleasurable, and the recent addition of TK Maxx at the Shires Retail Park has also increased the likelihood of grabbing a bargain! For more information on shopping in Leamington, you can click here.

All the best,

The Davis Family