Why We Love Lambing Season So Much

At Harbury Fields, February, March, and April are the most demanding and rewarding months of the farming year.

The weather is bleak and in order to keep the animals in great condition, we have to distribute hay and nuts to the fields. These food sources are necessary to provide pregnant ewes with enough nutrients to carry babies successfully.

As soon as our ewes are due to give birth, they are moved into our barns for protection from the elements. Having the sheep inside allows us to keep an eye on them when they start ‘lambing’ or giving birth.

Once lambs are looking strong and a number of days old, they are turned out to the field where they start their lives as sheep.

Watching them grow and enjoy themselves in the field is one of the most rewarding aspects of lambing, especially after all of the late nights and early mornings!

Lambs often race one another for some top entertainment, and on Sunday morning, we caught it on camera for you!