Lambing Progress Update

We are well underway with the lambing season, around 40% of the ewes have given birth already.

The weather is working against us, as cold winds and the threat of snow prevent us from putting even the strongest of lambs out to the field.

Nevertheless, we are positive and eating lots of cake to refuel after hard days in the barn, a right that is denied most of the year in the Davis household!

Photo of Lambs Born 2018 Photo of Lamb and Ewe Born 2018


The Weather Is Starting To Improve For Us

Despite the adverse spring weather, one of our guests did manage to catch a shot of a beautiful HFF sunset on Tuesday, pictured below:

Photo of Sunset at HFF March 2018








We can’t wait for the warmer weather, and on occasion have already seen the odd BBQ breakfast being cooked on the caravan park!
Kudos to those brave, thick-skinned chefs!

All the best,

The Davis Family